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Personals Details

Violeta Ramos was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She currently lives in Switzerland. Violeta Ramos teachts students on the paraguayan harp and classical guitar at the Knonaueramt music school (in Zürich-Switzerland) and the Hochdorf music school (in Luzern-Switzerland). She also conducts workshops in Latin american music for students of the classical harp, in different music schools in Switzerland. She teachts also in woman in music in Zürich.

Violeta teachts in  Spanish, German and English.


Professional Qualifications

Musical Studies undertaken

Violeta is an interpreter of the Paraguayan harp and Guitar.

She graduated as a classical guitar teacher from the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Quilmes (Buenos Aires, 1986-1999).

She also studied folklore, tango and jazz at the school for popular Music in Avellaneda. (1995-1999 Buenos Aires). She studied compositions with electro acoustics Medien at the University of Quilmes (1992-1995) and attended courses on improvisation at the San Martin Cultural Centre and „folklore and tango“ with Hilda Herrera, amongst others.

Violeta also studied ancient music at the Academy of Basle Choral Music, in Basle, with Heidrum Rosenzweig (Switzerland 2003-2005), and compositions with Christoph Bauman (Switzerland 2010-2012)


Concerts Given

In her early years as an instrumentalist (she started at the age of sixteen) Violeta performed with many traditional folkloric groups in Argentina and Paraguay; later she formed duets (harp and guitar/ harp and flute) writing her own arrangements and compositions to perform in several international concerts in Latin america, Europe and Russia.
She has represented Argentina on several occasions including the international Harp Festival in Arles (France-1999), after receiving a special invitation from the harpist Marielle Nordman; at the International Harp Gathering in Mexico D.F. Veracruz, Xalapa, (Mexico-1995) at the invitation of the harpist Lidia Tamayo and Mercedes Gomez; in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin (Serbia-1999) at the invitation of the Jugokonzert organisation; the International Harp Concert in Lommel, (Belgiem-2005) the Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Bamberg (Germany-2006), The European Harp Symposium in Cardiff (Wales-2007), The Harp Festival in Switzerland (Rifferswill 2007) The World Harp Congress in Amsterdam, on receiving a invitation from Ernestine Stoop (Holland 08), The International Festival „Guitarras del mundo“ in Buenos Aires (Argentina-2007) being invited by  the guitar player Juan Falú, and the International Guitar Festival in Biel Switzerland (2010-14).
Additional concerts: International Music Festival entrecuerdas Santiago, Santa Cruz und Rengo (Chile 2009).

Concert with orchesta and choir in KKL theatre Lucern (Switzerland 2009) several concerts in Moscow and St Petersburg (Russia 2010) Concert with orchesta and choir, the Mass „Misa para un continente“ at  the Zofingen catholic church ( 2009)  The Mass „Misa Criolla“, by Ariel Ramirez (Sils Maria, St Moritz and Zürich-Switzerland 2015-18).
She has represented Paraguay on many occasions at music festivals and theatres such as the Encuentro Internacional de Música in San Pablo (Brazil 95) Festival internacional de música y danza in La Habana, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Villa Maria, Varadero (Cuba 97), The National Music Festival „Cosquín“ (93-94), Chajary, San Carlos de Bariloche, Trelew, Corrientes, San Luis, La Pampa, (Argentina). Likewise at traditional music festivals in Santiago, Asunción, San Bernardino (Paraguay) and “ the Harp Festival Tacuaree“ (Asuncion ’93).
Concerts in Switzerland have been held at Unique airport (Zürich), Burgbachsaal (Zug), theatre Casino (Zug), Galerie deArtis (Zug), Gottfried Keller Zentrum (Glattfelden), Castle Überstorf, Castle Haldenstein, Museum für Kommunikation (Bern), National Museum(Zürich), KKL Luzern etc.
Violeta regularly performs live for television and radio shows in Germany (Braunschweig) and for the national radio stations in Argentina and Paraguay.


Contemporary composers, Eva Lopszyc and Pablo Aguirre have  composed specific works for the paraguayan harp, in chamber formations and orchestra, for Violeta.  One of the works by Eva Lopszyc was performed for the first time in the Theatre Circulo in Rosario (Santa Fé-Argentina) and was later introduced in the Gold Room of the Colón Theatre, Buenos Aires. This was the first time that a folkloric instrument had been played in this famous theatre (1992).

Pablo Aguirre wrote different pieces for Violeta Ramos,  the most important one being the suite for paraguayan harp (recorded in Germany 2007).


Prizes and Recognitions

Violeta Ramos  has been awarded many prizes and received special tributes in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Paraguay (Asunción) and Germany (Weimar) such as those awarded by the City Director of Berazategui and the health Minister for the city of Buenos Aires, Juan José Mussi, as well as by the Paraguayan Federation in Argentina.
She was appointed as a judge in a competition for young harp players in the city of Einsiedeln (Switzerland-2004) and in the final round of the ‚Youth Music Competition‘ in Buenos Aires (1999). She was also an integrated member of the committee for the Association of Argentinian Harpists „asarpa“

Violeta is regularly invited to take part in special projects, such as the Saint Saenz Christmas concert for orchestra, choir and soloists performed in St Jakob church (Cham- Switzerland 2003 ), the children’s  Musical „In Land der Buntgemischten“  and „Märlisonntig“, a concert with the russian choir“ Weisse Nächte“ directed by Jana Vasilenko (Russia and Switzerland); concert with orchesta and choir under the direction of  Uhr Erenzehller; Theater KKL Lucern (Switzerland) „The New Year’s concert“  2012 in Seewen, The Mass „Misa Criolla“  composed by Ariel Ramire for choir, tenor and quintet directed by Patrik Rickin, Oscar Echeverry and Christer Lovold(Sils Maria, St Moritz and Zürich 2015)


Music Books

Violeta composes music, for students and for professional harp or Gitarr player. Her music is edited by creighton-griffiths in Wales and Trekel in Hamburg.


CDs recorded

Violeta Recorded a lot of differents CDs. One of them got this  following critic for the Swiss Disc and Magazin Concertino in Germany.

About our CD:   

-The Violet Ramos and Richard Schneider duo offer fine and colourful music; Richard on the classical guitar with six, or, depending on the piece, 8 strings, Violeta on the Paraguayan Harp. This instrument is an offshoot of the classical harp that the  Jesuits brought into Paraguay in the 16th century. The Guarani Indians were quick to adopt this harp, which is similiar to its European cousin, but has 36 strings, is played without a foot pedal, and produces warm and expressive tones.The new album ’37 & &‘ by Richard Schneider and Violeta Ramos thrills the listener  with a wide range of wonderful compositions , with discreet hectic undertones.The classical music exudes its own unique vibes, it is difficult to identify the era and the origin; at the same time, it feels like one is treading on familiar territory.The successful CD has achieved perfection from A-Z, its tender harmony offering the perfect distraction after a hectic and tedious day. (Hélène Koch/Übers. C. Kallenberger/Swiss Disc)

-There’s something  unique and emotional about this combination of  the paraguanian harp and the classical guitar. Solos and duets are well interspersed. The repertoire moves between their own South American sounding compositions, original pieces, specially written for this duo, and arrangements, whose interpretations speak for themselves.It all sounds very lovely, and pleasant. Nothing gives the impression of being run-of-the-mill or stereotype. Not only is it well made, it is also fantastically produced! The same goes for the arrangements.Apart from that, the CD also contains original works such as a five-piece suit for Paraguayan harp, composed by Pablo Aguirre, a somewhat lost Renaissance-masterpiece from A. Mudarra, originally written for Vihuela’s Fantasia, which supposedly imitates a harp.Their encore on this instrument, as an alternative to Vilhuela, is spot on! These instruments combined  sound wonderful and  vibrant, and they complement each other perfectly. Especially the pieces, where Richard Schneider uses his 8 string guitar – it’s difficult  to distinguish who is playing what.

„The presentation of both interpretations leave no wish unfulfilled. One is happy to just soak in their music and allow the  heavenly feeling of peace and tranquility take over..

(Wolfgang Lendle/Concertino-Germany)


More Critic Press

Los que ya tuvimos la oportunidad de disfrutar de su arte, confiamos en su consagración definitiva en el ámbito internacional.“

Paraguay Ñane-retá, 1995)


“Con solo 19 años es una artista de Berazategui ya reconocida en distintas latitudes.”

Diario el sol, 1994


„Las interpretaciones conjugan la improvisación con las influencias de la música moderna de cámara y se fusionan en forma original en complejas estructuras acústicas, sin que por ello las composiciones pierdan esencia, ritmo, originalidad.“

Ñane retã, Asunción/Buenos Aires


„Sympathisch wirkte die Begrüssung, voll professionell und souverän das Spiel.“

Neue Zuger Zeitung


“Violeta Ramos, ambassadrice de L`Argentine et de la harpe folklorique…La passion pour la harpe de V.Ramos correspond a l’ idée que se fait Marielle Nordman de L’instrument ».

Arles, Le Journal, 4.11.99


“A very good musical and precise peforming of national southamerican rhythms, was awarded with long and openhearted applause”…

Fortunecity, Belgrad 1999


„Das Duo Violeta Ramos & Richard Schneider begann, Ihr Publikum auf eine spannende Reise „Von Mexiko bis Feuerland – Auf den Spuren der südamerikanischen Folklore-Harfe“ zu entführen. Atemberaubende Harfen-Klänge, gespielt von Violeta Ramos, in Kombination mit der klassischen Gitarre, gespielt von Richard Schneider, beeindruckten von der ersten Minute an. Bei 18 sorgfältig ausgewählten Titeln genoss das Publikum sichtlich diese Veranstaltung und sorgte für die entsprechende Wärme bei den Künstlern“ 

Presseagentur für paraguayische Medien, 2003


„Trotz der Spezialisierung in Sachen Instrumente pflegen die beiden Musiker eine erstaunliche stilistische Bandbreite. Zwar legen sie das Hauptgewicht auf die argentinische und paraguayanische Volksmusik, doch daneben spielen sie auch neue Musik, die heutige Komponisten zunehmend für Folkloreharfe und Gitarre schreiben“

Neue Zuger Zeitung, 4. Dezember 2002


Bestechend ist die Auswahl und individuelle Bearbeitung der Werke und der unverwechselbar eigenständige Klangcharakter der Gruppe, die bei zahlreichen Auftritten und Festivals die Zuhörer in ihren Bann ziehen konnte. Die Besetzung schafft eine ebenso faszinierende wie aussergewöhnliche Klangfarbe, die durch ihr luftiges und athmosphärisches Klangbild überzeugt.

Kunst- und Kulturgemeinde Langen

„Joven intérprete, quien ha sabido ganarse el reconocimiento de autoridades, Instituciones y vecinos por su calidad como intérprete y su personalidad, digna de todos los elogios”…

Dr. J.J.Mussi, Ministro de salud de Buenos Aires, 1995


« Pour celui de Violeta Ramos, harpiste argentine de talent qui a interprété des morceaux issus du folklore de L’Amérique latine ils ont demandé des autographes et ont offert un bouquet. » 

Arles, le Journal 6.11.99


« Moderne Werke auf einem ungewöhnlichen Instrument, gespielt in einem ungewöhnlichen Lokal in der Zuger Altstadt »

Neue Zuger Zeitung, 2003


“Violeta Ramos, una artista excepcional“

Periódico Encuentro, Basel 2004


“…Und als sich Harfenklänge zum Himmel erheben, gespielt von einem Engel, seufzt eine Oma hörbar, und ein verdächtig seliges Lächeln überzieht ihr Gesicht“

Neue Zuger Zeitung, 2004


“Es un orgullo para mí, avalar la calidad profesional y humana de nuestra artista, la señora Violeta Ramos. Nuestra porque representa a nuestro terruño y porque así la queremos. Su calidad profesional ha sido demostrada  a través de numerosas presentaciones, haciéndola acreedora del reconocimento y adhesión de todo el público amante de la música.”

Dr. J.J.Mussi, Intendente de Berazategui y ministro de Salud de Bs As, 1999


“Violeta Ramos es poseedora de una brillante trayectoria, destacándose en nuestro medio como una excelente profesional de la música……  ……. Todo esto se complementa con sus brillantes cualidades personales, intelectuales y humanas, lo cual hacen de la mencionada compatriota una profesional y ciudadana de condiciones relevantes, digna representante embajadora de la cultura popular Argentina, distinguida arpista de gran futuro en nuestra música popular, de la más alta significación.”

Lic. R. Tolosa, jefe de la biblioteca de la Universidad de Salta, 1999


„Bamberg-Treffpunkt der Champions League“ Eurofestival zupfmusik 2006- das Festival der Superlative“



( Magazin Concertino, Hamburg 2006)




Niveau: Beginner & Professionals
Instruments: Harp & Classic Guitar
Times: on demand
Sample lesson: on demand


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Where: Canton Zürich and Canton Zug

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