Helen Davey

Voice / Stimmbildung / Improvisation /Song-writing / Piano/ Piano-Songbegleitung
(Jazz / Experimental / Folk / Pop)

Helen Davey vereint entscheidende Fähigkeiten als Gesangsleherin, die ich bei früheren LehrerInnen vergeblich suchte. Sie schafft eine Atmosphäre, die befreiend wirkt, zu Spielfreude anregt und gleichzeitig bleibt sie klar an den vereinbarten Vorgaben wie Übung und Repertoire.
Ihr Engagement ist unvergleichlich; sie dokumentiert mein Lernen, fördert meine Fähigkeiten in umfassener Weise – so wirkt Technik, Gefühls-Ausdruck und persönliche Präsenz direkt erlebbar zusammen.
Helen is not not only a talented professional but a fine and exceptional teacher who really cares about me and my process. I admire her wide range of didactic materials and tools, her huge source of ideas, her exceptional creativity and flexibility in offering different ways of learning
…seit etwa einem Jahr habe ich begonnen, eigene Songs zu schreiben. Helen ist eine begeisterte Lehrerin, sehr geduldig und sie hat die wunderbare Begabung, in anderen den Glauben an das eigene Können zu wecken und zu stärken.  Ich bin begeistert davon, welches Niveau ich bis jetzt in der Piano-Songbegleitung erreichen konnte und ohne Helens aufmunternde Beharrlichkeit hätte ich mich nie ans Songwriting gewagt, welches mir nun nochmals eine ganze neue Welt der Musik eröffnet.
... Sie teilt ihr enormes Wissen und ihre jahrzehntelange Erfahrung gekonnt mit einer wunderbaren Portion von Ernsthaftigkeit, Witz und Ermutigung. Ihr Freude am Singen, ihr breitgefächertes Klavierspiel, ihre Ideenreichtum an Übungsmöglichkeiten und weiterführenden Techniken ermutigt mich, Lieder anzugehen, die ich mir nicht hätte vorstellen können. Sie hat ein pädagogisches Flair komplexe Inhalte einfach herüberzubringen und wirksam umzusetzen. 
Ich freue mich auf jede Stunde.
Performance coaching and singing: You're the best!
Thank you for all that you give as a teacher! Helen has the whole picture of you performing: singing, moving, talking and expressing. Since I've worked with her, I feeling more confidence performing professionally at a high level
…I appreciate Helen always succeeding in finding ways to help me discover the blues and jazz-piano. She is inventive and VERY patient! After the lesson I always feel joyful, eager and happy!
Helen Davey is an incredible vocal-teacher. She takes all the skills you need like confidence, stage presence, interpretation, and voice-skills to your highest level.
Helen kitzelt mit ihrer charmanten und zuvorkommenden aber trotzdem bestimmten Art das Beste aus einem heraus. Ihre Gesangsstunden verlasse ich stets mit viel zusätzlicher Energie.
My voice and piano lessons with Helen are pure fun! I love her encouragement and nurturing; her fostering is made to measure and her commitment is unique. She really brings out the best musical qualities slumbering within me, or, as I often say: she manages to even bring things out of me that do not exist (or of its existence, I've not yet been aware till now).
I'm so grateful I've taken up playing the piano again. I am thus enabled to continue from where I had given up in resignation as a young adult. Thank you Helen, for opening this treasure box for me!  It fills my heart with joy and makes me truly happy!
I enjoy Helen's style of teaching very much and I've come a long way since starting with her as my voice teacher. what I particularly like is her openness to all kinds of music genres and the way she brings me to do stuff I thought I'd never be able to do - like improvisation.
With her professional tools for voice work, her intuition, and teaching skills, she's an absolute enabler!
… I only really came to appreciate Helen's multi-facetted talents as a musician, composer, teacher, voice-coach and mentor at her bi-annual student "Soirées", where her students share what they have worked on: The diversity and quality of Helen's range simply left me speechless.
Helen possesses all the key ingredients required from a teacher, i.e. the ability to recognise/challenge talent, read/motivate her students, foster confidence for beginners, technical genius, plenty of patience and a human touch at all times.  It is a true pleasure working with her
Helen is a very versatile musician, singer and songwriter. With all her gifts combined with her beautifully compassionate, encouraging and positive way, she can support you in a wide range of topics fantastically well. And you surely think what you're doing is fun. I always leave my songwriting lessons with a smile on my face.
I love the way you express pure joy and deep esteem when I've achieved something difficult with my piano work, or when I present one of my compositions to you: this makes me feel so good and is a huge motivation to continue my work.
Working with Helen is an experience of high professionality, high empathy and high performance.... you want to know, what your voice really sounds like?..... I know the place to be.... thanks Helen for one year of new sounds, new emotions and a lot of new self confidence.
Helen combines key skills as a vocal teacher which I had been looking for with other teachers in vain. She creates an atmosphere that is liberating, encourages a joy of playfulness and at the same time insists on the agreed exercises and repertoire.
Her commitment is unparalleled; she documents my learning, promotes my abilities in an unfathomable way - thus technique, emotional expression and personal presence are combined and can be experienced directly.
Knapp 10 Lektionen weiter bin ich erstaunt, was ich alles bereits gelernt habe. Das liegt neben meiner Begeisterung am Jazz und Folk klar an der Art, wie Helen Musik und Gesang vermittelt.


Helen Davey is an Australian musician, based in Zürich. With extensive performance experience since 1981, she has had a career as a freelance musician (singer, multi-instrumentalist), playwright, composer and improviser for ensembles, musical productions, theatre and film.
She has released five CDs of her own material, co-written and produced three original large-scale musicals. Her passion is creating interactive live „sound-paintings“ that respond directly to other art forms (theatre, images, text, movement), nature or volunteered stories from audiences.

Helen has taught in the performing arts since 1988; currently she teaches privately (voice, piano, composition and improv) & offers workshops /coaching in voice, improvisation, performance and song-writing.
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  • B.Ed, Dip T (mus)
  • Estill Voice Training System, levels 1, & 2,
  • Estill Voice Training System, Advanced 1, Advanced 2
  • Since 1998, Further training in voice, piano, improvisation, composition, songwriting, performance, movement and music theory with: Ruth Bieri, Tom Burke, Ian David, Danny Diesendorf, Fiona Dodds, Rachel Dyson-McGregor, Mike Evoy, Jonathan Fox, Robin Frederick, Karin Gisler, Andrew Gray, Hilde Knottenbelt, Eva Marlin, Gerry Orkin, C. Pat Pattison, Daniel Robinson, Sermsah Bin Saad, Alex Sangster, Emily Taylor, Brian White, Peter Wanzenreid, Helga Westmark, Al Wunder, Michiko Yurko, Fra Zella,


  • Freelance performing musician (mulit instrumentalist) since 1981, as soloist, co-creator in many ensembles, side woman and band leader.
  • Voice and improvisation teacher since 1988
  • Teacher of piano, composition and self accompaniment since 1996
  • facilitating songwriters and performers since 1998

Niveau: Anfängerinnen und Fortgeschrittene

Genres: Jazz / Experimental / Folk / Pop
Angebot: Voice /Piano/Piano-Songbegleitung /Improvisation /Song-writing
Unterrichtszeiten: Auf Anfrage
Unterrichtssprachen: Schwiizitüsch und Englisch
Probelektion: auf Anfrage
Ort: Bremgartnerstr. 18, 8003 Zürich & Hoffackerstrasse 13A, Hegibachplatz

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Ort: Bremgartnerstr. 18, 8003 Zürich & Hoffackerstrasse 13A, Hegibachplatz

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